Exhibition: Grey Trip – Eka Sudarma Putra

Writer & Event Organizer

Organized by Yayasan Peduli Setan.
Location: Purga Gallery & Cafe, Jalan Bisma Ubud, Bali Island – INDONESIA
Date: 30 Oct – 30 Nov 2021
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Grey Trip: Eka Sudarma Putra

“Grey Trip” is a solo exhibition by Eka Sudarma Putra that combines his expertise in tattoo art in various medium, now presenting in a storytelling canvas media.

He is inspired by his life journey from street arts to parties, tattooing his friend’s thigh for the first tattoo to the birth of a daughter whom he likens to a fish in water. Eka inadvertently gives a subtle touch and emotion in his strong line.

Eka sees his daily life in two colours, black and white. Good and bad always go hand in hand and he is walking in the middle of the two contrasting differences. For him, the grey area becomes a safe place to keep working in art.

Alcohol and the turmoil of life, women and power, tradition and rebellion are displayed so boldly and cheerfully. Simple in two uncomplicated colours.

This exhibition is even more interesting because, besides Eka’s substantial artworks, the support from friends and family in the early days of creating this exhibition made Eka even stronger in the roots of his work.

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